What if street harassment was a crime? In her multidisciplinary show, writer-performer Leah King examines the distinctly New York experience of the "holla" through four Brooklyn women contemplating a new anti-harassment law. A shy bike mechanic worries that the law will sabotage her ability to meet women; an open mic host and indie rocker explores sexuality in her music career; a poetic 50-something yoga teacher wonders if the days of “hollers” may be behind her; and a sex-blogging burlesque performer dishes on the law during her online talk show. King asks the audience: how do YOU holla?


'Joan' with The Window Sex Project

Monday night March 5th, at the historic Judson Memorial Church, ‘Joan’ from Can I Get a Smile? will be performing with Sydnie Mosley’s The Window Sex Project. More info here!

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