What if street harassment was a crime? In her multidisciplinary show, writer-performer Leah King examines the distinctly New York experience of the "holla" through four Brooklyn women contemplating a new anti-harassment law. A shy bike mechanic worries that the law will sabotage her ability to meet women; an open mic host and indie rocker explores sexuality in her music career; a poetic 50-something yoga teacher wonders if the days of “hollers” may be behind her; and a sex-blogging burlesque performer dishes on the law during her online talk show. King asks the audience: how do YOU holla?


Tues Oct 19th @ Kiss & Tell, Madame X NYC

History was made at “Abiola’s Kiss & Tell Live Revue a monthly storytelling & performance series that combines love, sex and comedy with the brightest talents in the worlds of literature, media and sexuality. As soon as the footage is available, it will be up!

Also check out Leah (and Randi and Jada)’s appearance on Abiola on LSD! A special on men, women, respect, and street harassment.

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